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Cue the dancing Ewoks

Surgery went well. Warren is an awesome husband.

Surgery was scheduled for 10 am. This meant I was supposed to be at Brigham & Women's by 8:30. We got to the check-in desk with ten minutes to spare. I was glad I allowed an hour for navigating Boston during morning rush hour. Of course when we got there we were told they were running 15 minutes behind schedule. There was much wating then, inturpted by a brief taking of vitals. I finally got called back just after 9:30.

I should point out that just about everyone at B&W is very friendly and perky except for the woman who brought be back to the changing area. Maybe telling people to undress isn't good for your disposition. When I got taken back to pre-op people were fetching me pre-warmed cotten blankets if I so much as looked chilly. There was much bustling. Yoda came by and was miffed because someone lost my consent forms that I'd signed in his office. He disappeared when he discovered that, I suspect to throw a hissy-cow at some administrative type. It amused everyone who came by asking if Yoda had been in yet when I told them that he was miffed... and that was without me calling him Yoda. I resigned the the forms. Hannah Solo, the anathesiologist, put my IV in while claiming that anyone who has ever complained about my veins is telling bald-faced lies. Yoda came back after getting paged twice, with a new and much sharper looking padiwan in tow. He cleary was quite miffed about people loosing the forms and other records. As Warren commented when he stepped just out of earshot "I wouldn't want to be the person who lost them just now." Yoda then proceeded to have what appeared to be a very quiet and polite hissy-cow with a beaurocrat type. By the time things were straighted our and they were ready to wheel me into the OR it was 11am.

Warren was not allowed into the OR with me, though he had been with me through everything up until then. It was wonderful having him there. Much as I hate waking him up hours earlier than he needs to be and causing him to spend time in boring places like waiting rooms, it was nice to have him there keeping me company. As I think I've said before, Warren is the only person who really gets all my jokes. We had some good laughs together while waiting which really helped pass the time.

When I got taken into the OR Hanna Solo said that most patients don't get to remember the OR. Apparently most people want the sedation the offer with the IV. I didn't really see the point, though. She was really good and I hardly even felt the IV. Besides, if I'd been sedated before I would have missed Yoda throwing the hissy-cow. I also wouldn't have noticed for the first time that Yoda has a distinct limp, clearly the result of some lightsaber duel he is too modest to talk about. Of course this did mean that I felt the promised burning sensation when they injected the drugs into my IV all up my arm. That lasted about 30 seconds and the next thing I knew I was waking up out of a dream in the recovery room.

It was 2:15 when I woke up, so I was under for just over three hours. I had no idea it was going to take that long. I was going to say here that I have no idea how much of that time was actual surgery, but Warren has just informed me that Yoda told him the incision was at 11:30 and I was moved to post-op at 1:30. Warren, sweetheart that he is was a bit put out that he wasn't allowed to be with me in post-op so he could be there when I woke up, but they got him back there pretty quick. All he missed was my trip to the bathroom and the nurse fetching me ginger ale and crakers. I made sure to take that bathroom trip right away because I knew that the sooner I got proved I could go that faster they'd let me out. Being at B&Ws wasn't bad at all, but I would much rather be home

According to Warren's brief conversation with Yoda my tubes are clear and I did have endo. I'm not at all surprised. We're assuming Sideous has been tossed down the proverbial reactor shaft and blow up, but Yoda didn't say specifically. Given the incisions over both ovaries and the fact that Yoda is a detail-oriented guy that's a pretty safe bet. I'll see him again July 10th. He promissed me pictures, and doesn't seem to think its weird that I want my own copy of the photos of my insides.

Oh, and in conclusion, Warren is the best husband. He went and got me my drugs. I took one of the Motrin because some of the incisions continue to sting a bit, but I don't think I'll take the stronger stuff. My perscription was for percosett and the pharmacy bag eneded up with the more addictive oxycodone. I suspect my new and suckier perscription drug insurance is to blame. Sigh. Thankfully I'm not much discomfort, so its not a real issue, I just object to such replacements on general principals. I'm actually feeling quite well, I just need to move carefully and avoid standing up straight.
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