Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Seeing the future

I'm not much of a pre-cog, but I do have my moments. Crystal balls are over-rated, I think I've found the best device for future gazing ever: the toilet bowl.

It was there that I saw the future with crystal clarity. Its July 10th and I am in Yoda's office in Post Office Square for my post-operative visit and he is talking to me about endometriosis and how difficult it is to give a diagnosis, and how therefore it is perfectly reasonable that it took them two years to discover that not only do I have endo, but it was way more advanced than they imagined.

I'm not sure what I'll say. Maybe, "All is going exactly as I have forseen. You underestimate the power of the dark side, jedi." He doesn't read this blog, though, so I doubt he'll get it.

I really hate sounding like a hypochondriac, even to myself. All women get cramps, don't they? Its not like I can't do anything the first day of my period, its just that I really, really don't want to and its difficult to concentrate. Yoda also never asked about that accompanying intestinal mayhem, so that's probably not really relevant, right? That last bit is probably stress related anyway, so if I would JUST RELAX not only would I get pregnant, but those problems would disappear too.

Well, I suppose I just need to wait a bit to find out if I'm being a hypochondriac or if there really is a future of psychic toilet bowl readings. If I'm right I wonder if I should try to figure out how to do toilet bowl readings for other people. I'm sure it would be much more interesting than the old tarot cards.
Tags: ttc

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