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I'll be busy that day...

We our weekly group meeting with product management today. The first thing on the agenda was declaring what days we were planning on taking off for the rest of the summer. I dutifully noted that I would be taking a sick day on June 26th -- that's when my surgery is. I didn't explain why it was a sick day instead of a vacation day, and no one asked. My boss knows I'm having surgery, but I doubt he told anyone else.

So we get to the rest of the meeting. We discuss the June release. I don't have anything that's going it as I'm mostly been working on testing stuff. Of course I do have something checked in that ought not to go out because the people doing the back-end portion still have some bugs. My coworkers schedule the release to go into preproduction on June 26th and production on the 27th. Hmm. Theoritically this should be OK, but I'm a tad concerned as there is a good chance that I will be drugged to the gills and therefore not answering my cell phone while my coworkers are tagging up the release. I elected not to mention that.
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