Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Jedi Mind Tricks

I threw out my basal body temperature thermometer on Friday. I was tidying up prior to a visit from Warren's father. The little purple thermometer has been living on top of my jewelry box for much of the past two years. I have a huge jewelry box because my husband loves me lots and lots. Its vast lid is clear of clutter, making it an idea location for something I needed to find while half asleep and without my glasses. Its not such an idea location if I want to lift the lid and get a necklace out. I saw this pathetic piece of lavender plastic and metal sitting there and realized just how useless it was. I haven't charted in months and am so far beyond such feeble means of telling me when I ovulate that its not even funny. In fact, I'm beyond caring when I ovulate if we aren't doing IUI because even when our timing is textbook perfect I don't get pregnant. It was a symbol of two years worth of frustration and I chucked in the bin without ceremony.

Yesterday was our sixth wedding anniversary. Its a bit special because this was the first time the date fell on the same day of the week as when we were married. We got married on a Sunday because the place we wanted wasn't available on a Saturday unless we wanted to wait a whole lot longer. We did our traditional anniversary thing of getting a cake from Rosie's. They no longer make the kind of cake that we had at the wedding (lemon poppyseed), so we keep getting the runner up cake. Warren kept reassuring me about the whole treatment thing. I think the wait was on his mind. When we were married we thought we'd have a kid by now, and maybe even be working on trying for the second one.

We were playing Warcraft last night when a curious thing happened. I got up to use the bathroom during a break in the action. When I wiped I noticed that my period was well underway. This is unusual because my period is usually preceeded by a couple of hours worth of cramps. There is plenty of time to grab a maxi and some painkillers before any blood shows. Now, when we're back to thinking maybe I do have endo after all my body starts with the jedi mind tricks and gives me a period with super mild cramps in a pathetic attempt to prove the docots wrong. Nice try, but your jedi mind tricks don't work on me, Darth Uterus.

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