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Yoda may be wise...

If you hear of any telekenetic choking incidents on the news tonight, please understand that they were entirely justified. Now perhaps I am a bit spoiled as the people at the other office have been super competant, but really, you don't need to be Darth Wizbeth to be feeling the power of the dark side after this one.

A week ago I have that nice brief appointment with Dr. Grace Wendo, and it was all worked out that I would go back to Yoda the Clueful for my Sideous-ectomy. Keep in mind that Yoda had already promissed to work his lightsaber magic on me back in Janurary if I wished. It all seemed like a tidy deal. Grace Wendo would email Yoda, and all I would need to do is call Yoda on Friday to schedule the surgery.

Right about then is when I should have been detecting ominous theme music. You have to know me pretty well to know that I hate hate hate calling people on the telephone. I'm shy. I am deathly afraid of dialing a wrong number. I hate talking to strangers when I can't see their faces even more than when I can, which is a lot. Unless I'm calling a relative whose number is programmed into my phone, the most elementary phone call is something I need to psych myself up for. Sadly you can't be a functioning adult and not make phone calls, so I cope and I usually manage to make myself understood. I usually rehearse the calls before hand.

I didn't call on Friday because I had the day off work, and having the day off work in my mind means not having to make phone calls, even if they're personal business... or put another way its easier to punt when you're distracted by having a good time. So, I called this week and explained the situation -- I needed to talk to Dr. Yoda about scheduling surgery. I left my cell phone number so that I could be sure not to miss the call back that I was promised. No call came. I called back. Still no call.

Finally I called again a little earlier. I tried to sound concerned about the delay, but I probably came off as slgihtly hysterical given the whole phone thing. I got punted to scheduling, who punted me to the person who I was told should have called me back, who said she hadn't been ignoring me, its just that there was no order in the computer for surgery yet. Argh! Of course not, because as I told the receptionist originally, I need to talk to Yoda. Since there was nothing wrong with their ability to hear ominous theme music they finally found Yoda before I fired up the proton cannons and slagged their ship.

And what did Yoda say?

Yes, surgery you need. Removed this cloudy presence will be. In good hand, your future fertility is. Call you back, someone will.

Well, they better, or its totally to the dark side with me.

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