Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Thoughts on grinding

Games like World of Warcraft make you do the same thing over and over again. I wish there were someway to avoid this.

As of last Tuesday, when rank gets updated, the characters that Warren and I play had make rank 11 (Commander), which was our goal rank. We now have our black epic kitties, which are very nice. I am also proud of the fact that we didn't break down and buy epic mounts sooner, even though we could have afforded it a few weeks ago.

In order to make this rank (by the skin of our teeth), we had to do a lot of battlegrounds PvP. We needed to clear 150k honor per week for several weeks running. We can make pretty good honor by winning in Alterac Valley, but winning means that we have to lead unless a Phloppy (a friend of ours) is there, and trying to herd 38 other characters into something like a cohesive strategy is akin to trying to herd 38 cats into a bath. Add to this the fact that there is often someone trying to give contradictory orders, and the fact that at least half the people in there don't seem to read /raid or /general chat... yeah. Its a recipe for burnout. When we had a core group go in with us prepared to follow our orders we had an easy win, but most people don't do battlegrounds as much as we had been doing, even on a PvP server.

This week my character stands at 58k honor. We're going to de-rank, I'm almost certain. It doesn't matter now because we have our goodies, but its a little sad. Still, we needed a break, and even when I felt like doing Alterac a bit more Warren didn't, so that was that. Now we'll start doing end game raids I suppose, until we get sick of that and PvP becomes a welcome break again.

I still think wistfully that it would be nice to make rank 12 or 13 for the better looking armor. We just don't have the time, though. On our server, to be rank 11 we needed to be in the top 40 alliance players on our server. To make rank 12 we'd need to be in the top 8-10, and to make rank 13 we'd need to be in the top 4. So, the next rank would take 300k honor a week for several weeks running, or basically twice as much time as we've been putting in.

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