Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Surgery Ho!

I had the appointmet with Dr. Grace yesterday. It took about 15 minutes. I'm going to be having surgery.

I guess it was a short appointment because we both went in on the same page. Surgery is obviously not something to jump into lightly, but Sidious is clearly not going away, I'm not getting any younger, and stimulating with Sidious around while possible is not the brightest of ideas.

The latest revelation is that is that Dr. Grace thinks that I do have endomitriosis after all. I didn't bother to question her on why she thinks this. I probably should have, but hey, I'd already been contemplating asking for surgery just to make sure I didn't have endo even before we knew about Sidious. I presume its something she saw on the ultrasound. Whatever. The only way to tell for absolute certain is the surgery anyway, and Sidious makes that a good idea. If this all has the side effect of making my periods less painful for a while I'm all for that too.

The wrinkle is that Dr. Grace can't fit me in to her operating room time anytime soon, and obviously I want this done ASAP. All is not lost, however. Dr. Clueful, the guy who sent me to Dr. Grace is in the OR five days a week and can surely fit me in. He is, in fact, a specialist in fertility related surgery, so if you want something done to your reproductive bits he's the one you want doing it. Since I've already spoken to him and he'd already offered to do this sort of thing to me back when we thought it wasn't really indicated its not at all a stretch to go to him. I just need to call him once he's had a chance to read Dr. Grace's email and he can fit me in sometime in early June, which is the next time I'll be at the right part of my cycle for this.

One thing Dr. Grace mentioned is that depending on what they find I may go straight to IVF. I probably should have asked her to elaborate, but I'm pretty sure what she means is that if I do have endo that's serious enough its time to cut out the IUI crap and pull out the big guns. IVF is pretty serious stuff, but I'm darn tired of waiting. If that happens we're looking at IVF possibly as early as July.

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