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Cycle Day III: Revenge of the Cyst, part 2

The newly repaired imperial VWJ shuttle touched down in the docking bay of a different, but yet familar station. The door opened, and heavy mechanized breathing gave a warning a moment before Darth Wizbeth emerged. She was directed by the uniformed storm troppers to a waiting room filled with heavily pregnant women. The steady breathing sound took on a much more ominus tone as the minutes passed.

Finally an officer appeared to escort the her to the waiting ultrasound room. "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting." Darth Wizbeth muttered under her breath, "The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am," but the officer affected not to notice. They vanished into the exam room, where it became clear that the dark side of the force was indeed strong. 'Vader', the large clear cyst of the left ovary was gone, but Sidious was clearly still there. Also, there was a new clear cyst on the right ovary, 'Maul'. The nervous technician assured Darth Wizbeth that her doctor would have the films and could give an opinion by afternoon. Darth Wizbeth only muttered, "I hope so, commander, for your sake."

So, the more coherent version. I had to go back to Burlington (home of Dr. Dipshit) for my baseline ultrasound this morning because there was some big meeting in Kenmore. Ugh. They don't have a section of the waiting area set aside for infertility patients, so I had pregnancy magazines and posters on four walls to look at, to say nothing of the parade of bellies. Double ugh. The cloudy cyst is still there, and while the big clear one on the left is gone, there is a big clear one on the right now. WTF???!!! I am rapidly running out of Sith names to give these things. I don't have measurements, just what I could see on the screen with a little commentary from the technician. I have no firm idea what's going to happen now, but my best guess is that its not looking good for this month. The urge to telekinetically choke someone is very strong, if only I could find someone to blame. Good think I didn't see Dr. Dipshit.
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