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Cycle Day III: Revenge of the Cyst

The cityscape of Kenmorsant is bathed in the golden light of the rising sun. A lone cloaked* figure strides through the empty halls and takes the elevator up. She waves her hand at the bureaucrat behind the desk, who says, "We don't need a copayment today. You can go about your business, move along."

The cloaked figure sweeps down the hall. She takes a seat in silent meditation outside the door. A half wall prevents her from seeing the OB-GYN patients lest she use the power of the dark side to telekinetically choke some pregnant woman, that being a traditional use of the dark side of the force and all.

After a time of brooding on her dark premonitions about her future fertility, the medical staff come and hook her up to the ultrasound droid. The monitor clearly shows an ominous dark body. Form somewhere in her memory she remembers Yoda's words: "Always there are two, no more, no less, a master and an apprentice." And so it seems to be. The master is smaller and older. Complex, and clouded, surely the presence sensed the last time. Only a careful analysis will reveal if he has grown more or less powerful with the passing of time. The new apprentice is large, very large, but clear and dark.

"But what can this mean," our hero asks. Alas, the medical tech informs our hero that Jedi Master Grace Wendo is away at a conference, though she will refer the matter to Julie-Won Kenobi who will consult with the council and "get back to you". However, it is clear that our hero's ambitions are being thwarted yet again. She retrieves her underwear and dons her cloak, swishing off. If only she could remember where she put her lightsaber, massacring trade federation officials or sand people would feel so good right about now.

*OK, so neither Sith no Jedi cloaks come in Muted Blue Dress Stewart, but it is a very cloak-like wrap.
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