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Waking up out of a sound sleep at 4am because you have menstrual cramps is never fun. When it happens after nearly two years of trying to get pregnant its adding insult to injury.

The update on the plan: I have an ultrasound scheduled for 8:30 am on Friday to see if the cyst is gone. Assuming it is we do our third and final IUI with Clomid this cycle before escalating to gondotrophins.

Either way, my drugs should be arriving tomorrow. I am loving the Village Pharmacy. I was originally pissed off about the switch my company made in the prescription drug benefit. Getting my drugs at the Harvard Vanguard pharmacy was easier than making a second trip to a CVS. Thankfully my drugs require a pharmacy that specializes in fertility medication, and the Village Pharmacy has been great. The clinic calls the perscription in, and then I just call them and confirm what I need. All I have to give them is my name, and they bill my card the co-pay and mail the stuff. Its great.

I have also been reconsidering my decision not to have a lap. When Dr. Clueful said he didn't think I had endo after all, but he'd still do a lap anyway if I really wanted, it seemed the prudent thing to do to skip the surgery. I've never had surgery, so I wasn't keen to start if there wasn't a strong indication that I needed it. Three months and two unsuccessful IUIs later I am having second thoughts. What if there is something weird wrong with my uterus that a lap would turn up? What if I have some super-stealthy form of endo? I think I want to revisit this if the final IUI with clomid doesn't work.

I read on another blog somewhere that there's a recommendation out there in a book on surviving infertility that you reset the clock every time you get a new diagnosis. Yeah, great advice, I might consider it as soon as I get a diagnosis. To my mind 'unexplained infertility' isn't so much a diagnosis as something the doctors use to fill in a blank space on a form that needs to get filled in.
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