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...and then I woke up

I was nursing the secret a bit, just reveling in the joy of it. Then I went and got the little plastic test and showed Warren the the control line and the second faint pink line that meant we finally had a success. I was even composing how I'd break the exciting news to people, complete with the caveat about the 25% chance of a miscarriage. Even weighing that risk, I was happy because it was such a huge step forward. Then I woke up, realizing that I was lying in bed and that there was no positive test.

Trying to conceive takes up way too much head space. Even on this, an off month, my subconcious won't give me a break.

Its also annoying that whenever I wake up in the middle of a dream I spend the rest of the day sleepy. It must have something to do with breaking the sleep cycle at a bad place, but I can't figure out how to fix that, at least not when I need to go in to work.
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