Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Now there's a suggestion...

If you suffer from infertility its a given that you will get all sorts of well-meaning, but usually annoying advice on how to improve your chances of conception. The common ones are to just relax, take a vacation, elevate your hips and use Robutussin. Its especially annoying advice because generally by the time you tell people you're having a problem you've tried all these thing. A lot. I confess I have not actually tried the Robutussin yet, but I have purchased Pre-Seed, which is probably even more crazed considering the relative prices.

I have been fortunate in that my friends are generally highly clueful people who have been very supportive. The only annoying advice had generally been coming from the prospective grandmothers and other close family members.

And then there is the more unusual advice. Today, one of the few female coworkers who knows what's up suggested that I go here for a little spiritual help with the situation. Its got to be better than Robutussin, and hey, its a vacation too!
Tags: ttc

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