Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

The relief of not trying

There is one good thing about taking a month off: I'm enjoying the break.

The ironic thing about trying to have a baby is that the act that supposedly leads to conception is something a lot of people do for fun, but its stops being fun really fast. Its becomes a chore, which is not surprising, really.

When you've been trying for a while the trying gets really old. You've been monitoring your body, and when the signs are right your internal voice says "time to make the baby" and after the first six months or so its with about as much enthusiams as "time to make the donuts" in those old Duncan Donuts ads. It gets worse once you quit believing that it'll happen without medical intervention. Julie from a little pregnant has two great posts that describe what its like. Its not exactly romantic.

This month is different. This month we can snuggle when we want to, not when my ovaries dictate that the time is right. It can be like it was before we were trying, just without the need to pause for the birth control.
Tags: ttc

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