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Not this month

Its a good thing I didn't rush out to Village Pharmacy for the medication because it turns out I won't be needing it this cycle.

Dr. Grace looked at the baseline ultrasound from yesterday and it turns out I have a cyst, so no ART for me this month. It'll probably go away on its own, so we'll do another day 3 ultrasound next month and hope its gone by then.

Blah. I guess the silver lining is that if I conceived this cycle the due date would have been in December, which is generally considered to be sub-optimal as having a birthday too close to xmas is supposely a bummer. Yeah, well. The thing is, I'm sooooo beyond trying to schedule the due date of any kid for an opportune time. I just want a kid, and I figure that after a decade of two a kid would get over having a December birthday. Who cares about their birthday after 21 anyway?

The real good side of this is that I know none of my friends are stupid enough to suggest that it might happen this month without medical intervention. I am eternally grateful to all of you who have been commenting for your ability to be supportive and upbeat while managing not to say anything that will set me off. Given how I've been lately that takes real skill and I'm lucky to know such good people.
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