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Progesterone sure does work

After a 16 day luteal phase, a record for me, my period is finally here. That's a whopping four days longer than normal for me. It seems the gel is doing its thing. Of course, I haven't used it since Sunday, but then the effects are supposed to last.

I hearby declare the period of time between getting a negative beta and seeing the blood in the toilet to be the worst part of an ART cycle. People talk about the Two Week Wait between ovulation and knowing the result as the worst. Maybe for some it is. For me the period between knowing and starting over is the hardest. Last month we had the Three Day Depresson, and this month we had the Four Day Funk. Waiting for the inevitable is no fun, especially when you've been taking hormones that make you feel not quite yourself.

Now that its here I can move forward. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Sunday morning to check on my ovaries. If there are no cysts, we go ahead with the final try of Clomid + IUI. Its another chance to roll the dice. At least I hope I get to make another roll in March.
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