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Mining the Vein

I went in for my very first ever pregnancy test done by a lab this morning. I'll be getting the results this afternoon. Whatever the result, at least I know when I can expect to know. Its a lot better than waiting for my period.

True to form, the blood test did not go off as seemlessly as it could have. I've known since college that I have small veins in my arms. One of the red cross workers at a blood drive commented on it. Most of the time its not an issue. I don't have issues with needles and most phlebotomists can find a vein to use without any noticable fuss. Occasionally one will remark that they are having trouble findng a vein. More rarely they will ask to see my left arm before conceeding that I was correct about my right arm being better. This morning's experience has gone well beyond the previous fuss. This morning the phlebotomist spent a good five minutes inspecting both arms, and then stuck me in the right one, completely failing to get any blood in the vial. Not for lack of trying either, she jiggled the needle around a bit and I expect to have a bruise to brag about there. Then she called for backup. I recognized the second phlebotomist as the young black woman who usually has no trouble with my tiny veins. Even she ended up looking at both arms, probably because the good arm was a bit roughed up, before getting her vial of blood out of the left one.

If the tests ends up being negative and I have to go back in next cycle (lather, rinse, etc.) I think I might just request that Lakisha do it and make everyone's morning easier.
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