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The not-quite-two-week wait

The second insemination was done today, and the numbers on the little swimmy guys again looked good. Julie had to try two catheters to get one that would go through the curve in my cervix. No wonder I haven't gotten pregnat yet, it sounds like the little buggers are having to swim an obstacle course. Still she was really good about it. It was much less trouble than the annual pap smear, and there was again no spotting in spite of my friable cervix. Yay!

Now its all over but the waiting for either my period of the blood test on the 31st. This is the period of time know as the two week wait, though in this case its less than two weeks. Normally people hate the two week wait because there's really nothing you can do but wait while your mind makes up all sorts of phantom pregnancy symptoms. Actally its been a while since I've really had a two week wait. Sure, we've been nominally trying the old fashioned way, but I lost faith months ago in that working. Its a little weird having some hope again.

Yesterday the medical assistant wanted to know if I was excited. I told her I wasn't. She seemed to expect me to be excited, so I told her I was hopeful, but that I knew that the chances of getting pregnant this cycle were a lot less than 100%. Actually, at best my chances are about 30%. I've seen numbers that are anywhere from 10% to 30%. I'm not expecting to get pregnant this very cycle, but I figure that even the low end of that is a better shot than I've had all these months we've been trying. I'm willing to roll the dice a few times, and I'm hopeful because I only need a good roll, not a top-out-critical-success. Its nice just knowning that its not unlikely that I will get pregnant.

So, now I just have to wait. Oh, and I start the progesterone gel tomorrow! I'm pretty pleased to have gotten that. Now I just need to get it in without causing spotting -- I am no Julie.

Thanks everyone for the kind words and good wishes.
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