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Who says IUI isn't romantic.

The first of my two inseminations this cycle is done. It went pretty well.

The trigger shot last night was no big deal. I was a little uncoordinated since it was my first time injecting myself. I wonder if my doctor will let me give myself my next booster shot and any flu jabs from now on.

The specimun needed to be done on site between 7:30 and 8:15. Warren is not a morning person. Moreover, as enugent knows its a pain to get him moving and out the door on time for anything. As I had promised him, I got him up and drove him to the lab and went up with him. Apparently this isn't the done thing as we were both getting a serious vibe from the receptionist at the lab that it was weird for me to be there. Tough. She's going to get a real shock tomorrow morning when I not only go to the lab with him, but go inside with him as well -- it turns out bathroom they use doesn't have any 'literature' or anything in it.

After we were done at the lab we went home and got about an hour of snuggling in before I had to go back in for the insemination. I certainly lucked out. Warren had Ms. Hairyeyeball to deal with while I get to be taken care of by the flawlessly friendly, competant and helpful people in the fertility clinic. Julie, the woman who taught me how to inject myself did the insemination. As promissed by the perky medical assistant, she was good. We had a bit of a laugh over my backwards anatomy down there. According to Julie my uterus is not only retroverted, but tucked up to the left. Everything went pretty smoothly, and according to Julie the count and motility on the sperm were both good. Really the hardest part of the whole thing from my point of view was getting into a parking space in the darn garage. It makes the spots at the Porter square shopping center look easy to get into.

The plan is to do the same thing tomorrow, and then I just sit tight with my covetted progesterone gel until its time to get a blood test on the 31st.
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