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Not a moment too soon

I went it to have my first ever ultrasound of the ovaries today. It was a much better experience than I was expecting given where they were putting the wand. The woman doing it was very good and very nice, which I'm sure helped a great deal.

The big news is that I have one follicle that's measuring 21mm and another measuring 18mm. To those of you who aren't obsessive readers of infertility blogs that means I'm ready to pop. I need to inject myself tonight, then tomorrow and the next day we do the inseminations. That's sooner than I was expecting. I was expecting. The way the literature reads you go in every two days until you have a follicle that is 16mm. That makes it sound like it could be a few iterations. I'm pleased to only have to do one ultrasound; getting from work to Kenmore and back is a pain. I'm also a little caught off guard by it being so immediate, but sooner is certainly better.

Of course that means I needed to get the trigger shot from the pharmacy right away. Work recently changed our perscription drug provider to Medco. I didn't have my card last week and payed for the Clomid out of my own pocket. Given that the Clomid was $20 and my co-pay on perscriptions is $15 that wasn't such a big deal. The shot and the progesterone gel are much pricier. This time I was armed with my card. Alas, the in-house Harvard-Vanguard pharmacy doesn't take Medco. I had to get hard copies of the perscriptions signed, and then I needed to find a pharmacy that did take Medco and stocked the stuff. This isn't the sort of thing CVS routinely carries. I was lucky that the folks in the fertility clinic were really helpful. They directed me to a pharmacy that specialized in fertility medications and they called Medco to make sure they wouldn't give me a hassle about covering it.

So, mostly good news. The extra hour it took me getting fertility meds was a bit of a hassle, and I have the urge to write a nasty note to HR about the change in medical coverage, but otherwise everything went well.
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