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New Computer

I have an actual new computer. Warren gave it to me as a Christmas gift. (I know its January, but hey, who cares about a couple of weeks when you're getting a brand new G5?)

My previous two computers were both hand-me-downs from Warren. Since Warren is self employed doing software work he can deduct his home computer. This means they're cheaper, and he can also justify getting the really cool equipment. The hand-me-downs haven't been bad as they've also come with a cinema display. The problem is that the latest one, which I got after last year's Mac mini betrayal, had issue. Initially my concern was that the CPU still wasn't up to the system requirements for World of Warcraft. Lets be honest here, I use my home machine primarily for playing Warcrack and working on Auria. It ran Warcrack well enough, it turned out. The real problem was that about a month after it became my machine it developed a habit of completely freezing up such that it needed to be hard booted. That was annoying and worrying. I was concerned about loosing all the data on Auria (nearly seven years worth of run information) and my digital pictures. The new computer is certainly needed.

Now I can play Warcrack in style, with the video options turned up enough that I can see distant features without getting up and going to look at them on Warren's screen. Hooray!

In other Warcrack news, the Maelstrom versions of our characters have now surpassed the Earthen Ring versions of them. It would have taken less time, but we spend far too much time in battlegrounds. Actually, we are now spending far too much time queued for battlegrounds, and they seem all but dead for the 50-59 bracket. At least there's Alterac Valley.
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