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Its going to be a Monday

After playing lots of phone tag, it turns out that doctor number three insists on touching base with me before actually treating me. Argh! I'm sure most people would find that reassuring and professional, but I find it a gigantic pain and a waste of time. Of course if you're reading this you have probably figured out by now that I am NOT a people person.

After much ranting about how I did not want to waste another cycle I did get them to fit me in on Monday. It means going to the Kenmore office, but whatever. Apparently I can start Clomid as late as day 5 of my cycle. That means if I start to bleed this afternoon/tonight I'm wasting another cycle anyway, but otherwise it still might work out for a January IUI.

I guess I've accomplished my goal from the previous post. I no doubt made several people at least uncomfortable. Talking to an iritable, frustrated, infertile woman with PMS who hates phone conversations is probably right up there with having thumb screws applied. Go me. Who knows, maybe we didn't waste the month either. Only time will tell for sure.

I'm likely to be equally delightful on Monday. The poor new doctor will want to go over my history and ask the same boring questions and all that. I don't really feel like that deserves an appointment, it can be summed up in one sentance: I and my husband are both perfectly healty by any test you can think to give us and yet we have failed for the past 20 months to conceive a child. I also don't feel that its all that necessary to go over the treatment plan. I feel I understand it pretty well: three cycles of IUI with Clomid, and if that doesn't do the trick we go on to IVF and I get to learn how to give myself lots of injection. Do we really need to waste everyone's valuable time again? I think I'd be perfectly happy if they just gave me the damn Clomid so I could have the damn migranes and then I'd get to meet the new doc for the first time on cycle day 11 when she stick the damn probe you-know-where to see what the follicles are doing.

OK, that was a bit over the top. I'll admit that most people would prefer to have some time to get to know a person and develop trust before having an ultrasound probe inserted into their private parts. I am not most people. I am very goal oriented. I just want the baby and I'm getting tired of the delays. I know the chances of the first IUI working aren't that great, but cycles spent in treatment feel less like a waste of time than cycles spent trying the old fashioned way.

The major bright spot in all this has been Warren. I'm not the sort of person who needs a supportive husband, but it sure is nice to have anyway. Since Warren does contract work every hour he spends not at the office is money that he's not making. Normally he's pretty pissed off about things that keep him out of the office -- auto maintainance, his own doctor's visits, etc. When i spoke to the people at Harvard Vanguard I emphasized that this was the third doctor that we were seeing about this, and did my husband really have to be there, they grudgingly conceeded that if Warren couldn't make it that was OK. When I sent him email telling him about the appointment and the fact that I'd gotten him the option to skip it his reaction was "I want to be there". Well, that makes one of us. It'll be nice to have him there, and not just because his presence will keep me from alienating the new doctor.
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