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The State of the Uterus

What better way to start off the new year that with a State of the Uterus address. Its guarenteed to be more interesting that the president's State of the Union. It's probably even going to be more informative, though I'm lucky that's a low bar.

When last we left the story of my reproductive bits, we'd been to see Dr. Clueful in Post Office Square who was much better than Dr. Dipshit in Burlington, and many orders of magnitude better than Polyanna R.N. in Somerville. Dr. Clueful suspected Endo and wanted to do some tests for it and have a look at the films from the HSG I had back in March. (For those not up on all the infertility lingo, an HSG is a procedure where they stick a catheter through your cervix and shoot your uterus full of radioactive dye so they can get nice pictures and see if your tubes are clear.) I happily gave them four vials of blood and bounced out of there confident that I would finally have answers.

It turns out that the blood tests were all normal. Once again, it turns out that I am aparently perfectly healthy, just not pregnant. I was supposed to have a phone appointment with Dr. Clueful on December 27th, but this ended up getting postponed a bit because they had trouble tracking down the films. Dr. Clueful is certain that one of my tubes is open, and is pretty sure that the other one is as well, though he can't be certain on that one because the picture wasn't good enough. My uterus looks normal to him. After giving me this supposedly good news he promptly dumped me. Of course he said we can still be friends... er, I can still call him if I have any questions. Basically it looks like IUI is the way to go, and they don't do IUI at Post Office Square. I have to go to either Burlington (home of Dr. Dipshit) or Wellesly to get it done. I chose Wellesly.

In Dr. Clueful's defense, I will say that he did offer to do a lap on me anyway. That would be the only way to tell if I really did or did not have endo. The thing is, I've never had surgery before, so I wasn't jumping at the change to have it done just in case all the tests were wrong. I might have felt differently if Dr. Clueful was pushing it, but he wasn't really.

Currently I am trying to talk to someone at Wellesly OB/GYN who isn't a receptionist. They were happy to give me an appointment with the doctor at Wellesly whom Dr. Clueful recommended for two weeks from now. The thing is, my period is due either today or tomorrow, so I need to talk to someone *now*. If I'm going to do IUI this coming cycle I need to be taking Clomid for day 3 to 7 of the cycle to help regulate things. If I wait two weeks that's another cycle wasted.

So, in conclusion, either I will be having an IUI this month or I will make the life of the receptionist in Wellesly absolute hell.
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