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Yarn Drought

I have these spasms of doing yarn projects like crazy and then not doing them at all. I must come out of the closet. I am a binge knitter/crocheter. The worst part is, I know have an actual stash that isn't just stuff left over from completed projects. I used to at least be good about not buying new yarn until the current project was finished.

I haven't finished anything in nearly a year. It was last Yule that did it for me, the year I tried to make everyone a hand-made gift. I was close to, the one person who didn't get one was Mom, who also knits & crochets. She got the yarn for her sweater and the Viking Knits book with the pattern in it. I'm not sure if she's made it yet. I all the other projects done, including a sweaters for Warren, Dad, Margaret, and Warren's mom. There were also slippers for George, Brittany and Greyson, and a baby sweater and two baby blankets for Phoenix who was born three days before last Chirstmas. After all that I had serious burnout. The thing is, I also have projects for other people yet to make. I had started an afghan as a wedding present for some friends, but its still mostly just skeins of yarn. I have yarn for stuff for me too, and random baby yarn that I hope there will be a baby for. I need to get back to doing yarn projects.

I also need to fix my other pair of leg warmers. I made my own patter for leg warmers. They're actually more like wool socks with no feet. They're great. Actually, wool socks would be great too, but I wanted something I could wear while wearing dance shoes. I have yarn for a third pair of these, and they are quite the thing for days like today, when its cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.* If I want more of these lovely things I need to get to work.

*Its not what you're probably thinking. The expression 'cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey' is one my dad uses. The way he explains it, a brass monkey is one of those pyramidal stacks of cannon balls. If you play World of Warcraft you can actually see little digital brass monkeys in some of the ports. In real life, though, when it got really really cold, the balls would of course shrink, since substances do that when it gets colder. If it gets cold enough the balls shrink to the point where the spacing in the stack isn't right anymore and they start coming off the stack.
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