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The New Doctor...

... seems to come equipped with a clue. My primary care physician rocks for recommending him.

Our first appointment with the new doc was yesterday. He was much more confidence inspiring than the last guy. We were also treated to the amusing way that avoid criticising others when he basically said that the other guys treatment plan (putting me on Clomid) was a waste of time, without actually coming out and saying it quite that explicitly. I think what it actually said was, "I know its very frustrating for you spending time going through treatments that don't really have a chance of working."

I suppose I should back up, since that was towards the end of the visit. He asked a bunch of questions. Unlike the other fertility doc, this guy had clearly looked at my file before the visit and seemed to be able to keep the details straight in his head. He asked me about my periods. He answered questions, and was willing to elaborate and get more technical when it was clear that I had some clue about the biology. He asked clueful questions, such as his followup to asking about what I took for my mentrual cramps: "does it help?"

Another confidence inspiring thing was that he wasn't inclined to take all my previous tests as face value. He wanted to know where I'd had my HSG done, and he wanted to look at the films for himself. "They're not always what they say they are," was how he explained it. Yep, I'm a lot happier with a doctor who wants to see the pictures himself. He's also willing to run a few more tests, which I'm all for.

The upshot of all this is he says that about 50% of the cases of "unexplained" infertility are actually cases of undiagnosed endometriosis. He says a lot of doctors don't check for it because they'd just go to IUI and IVF anyway. He thinks, though, that given that I'm not completely old and decrepit yet that I ought to have options. There's a blood test that can detect endo, which he promptly ran, and he wants to have a look at my films. Depending on how that goes he'll either do a lap to remove the theorized endo and then let me try some more the old fashioned way, or we'll go straight to IUI in January.

That brings me to the thing that I really liked about this guy: he seemed to appreciate that I'd had enough of this nonsense and it was time to get some results. He also seemed pretty confident on the results part. He said to Warren at one point, "Don't worry, she'll get pregnant, she's been through enough aggrevation already." Yes, I have.
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