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Review of PVP-RP

If you're not currently addicted to Warcrack, this is not going to interest you.

As I stated in a previous post, Warren and I were all psyched about the new PVP-RP servers that Blizzard was putting out there, and were planning for weeks to move to one as soon as the new severs came out. The servers have been out for a month and a half now, so I figured it was about time I posted about them.

We're playing our twin night elf hunters on Maelstrom. The new servers were insanely popular when they first came out, making 90 minute queues just to get on a nightly occurrance for nearly a week. Then things eased up considerably as Blizzard could raise the number of people allowed on the server once there were some folks who weren't confined to the newbie areas. That first week was interesting, though. There were a lot of RP griefers showing up with stupid names and spamming general chat. There was also a great deal of enforcement going on: kudos to Blizzard for doing a great job there. I'd report a name or behaviour, and the offender would be gone in an hour. Things improved drastically and rapidly, and I was soon thinking it was a much better server than Earthen Ring.

One of the things we'd wanted to do was form a guild. It took us about a week to get the signatures since we were doing it in-character. We did manage to get our quota, though. That happened on my birthday. :) By that time the twins were finishing up the Darkshore quests and heading into Ashenvale. We'd been perma-flagged since the first day. We'd also participated in one defense of Auberdine. Even so, entering a contested zone on a PVP server made the difference apparent. It was tough, but after the first day it got better. On the other hand the rest of the guild didn't seem to be taking to the PVP culture. Since we recruited in character, we no doubt got a bunch of players who were also from RP realms, and they just didn't stay once their characters got into their teens. Of our original signatories, only one besides ourselves still plays.

One thing I've discovered is that I actually like PVP, even though outside of battlegrounds its never a fair fight. Its nice when a ?? mage attacks your group and you take him down, and getting steamrolled by a mob of high levels doesn't usually bother me. In our first week on the server I think we got more honor kills than during our entire time on Earthen Ring. That was before we started doing battlegrounds, too. We found out just how cool the trinket that you can by at rank 2 is and we started doing Warsong Gulch. Then when we hit 30 we tried out Arathi Basin, and discovered that we really liked it. The twins are currently level 36 and rank 4, not to mention among the lowest level rank 4 characters on the server. We've taken to checking the PVP rankings every Tuesday night.

Its good that we like the PVP, because being on a PVP server does get in the way of some of the RP aspects. Its not such a good thing to stand around and chat in contested zones. Its also not recommended to take the time to read what a quest giver is saying if you're not in a secure location. On the other hand, the roleplaying is better when it does happen. There's not of the hokey scripted drama that bothered us on Earthen Ring. There's other drama, like being the only four alliance people in the Stonetalon Mountains. There also seem to be a proportionally higher number of people who recognize our characters and remember us; we seem to be a bigger deal on Maelstrom than we were on Earthen Ring.

I'm pretty happy with the whole PVPRP thing. I guess the big evidence of that is that the only time I've really logged into my Earthen Ring characters at all in the past six weeks has been when I wanted a guinea pig to test something out with.
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