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Weekend stuff

I finished the purple shades sweater. I even blocked it. Its huge, but not too huge. I'm pondering taking it to work and making it the designated sweater for wearing at work.

I went to Mind's Eye Yarns in Porter Square on Saturday to buy size 9 and 10 bamboo circs, and came away with not only the needles, but two skeins of novelty yarn and a swift and ball winder. That set me back a bit in the money department, but I'm sick and tired of winding Silky Wool by hand with the yarn stretched over my knees. Warren thinks that my hand-made center pull balls are much nicer than what the ball winder produces, but it does take a lot less time to use the winder.

We had extra rookies at class on Sunday. We think they came to learn some Tango before the Brown competition next Sunday; perhaps little Phil even suggested that they come. We'll see if any on the new ones stick. I rather doubt they will. Our approach is a little too methodical for those who want a quick fix, and those coming to one class to get their tango fixed before a competition probably aren't going to stick with it.
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