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Nothing to report here...

...except the red stuff showing up during my workout this morning. On the plus side my cramps seem to be milder than normal. Either that or the physical pain is just becoming such a non-event next to the knowledge that I am once again NOT PREGNANT. Of course I wasn't doing any fancy drugs or anything this past cycle, so there was no reason for excessive hope.

I did take a mini-vacation and spent a good deal of quality time with my husband right around ovulation. Those assvice givers who claim that going on vacation makes you pregnant are officially full of crap. I didn't get preggers on the last trip to England either. From now on anyone who wants to claim that vacations make you conceive owes me an all-expense paid trip to the destination of my choice.

On a similar note, if I ever see either my high school or junior high health teachers they are dead men.
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