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...but twe doesn't work here...

So I got into work this morning, and there was twe's name in my inbox. It was a little odd to be getting mail from her at my work account, but it happens. Alas, my hopes of Hydra mail were quickly dashed, as the subject line showed it to be an "out of office" email. That would fit with the fact that her first name was in its official long form. But wait, I don't think I have twe's work email, so how did I send her email in order to generate the out-of-office thingy. Then I open the email and discover its internal. Huh? After being terribly confused for a moment or two my Monday morning brain finally figures out that this is an email from someone in our (l)user support group who happens to have the very same name. Now I am doomed to be confused whenever I see email from this person.
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