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Maggie's Wedding

I'm back from Margaret's wedding in San Diego.

There was no rehersal, but there was a dinner the night before, with most of the wedding party and family members. Actually, the meal was entirely made up of stuff like scallops wrapped in bacon and crab cakes and such that everyone shared. I thought it was perfect, but my mom, never seeing anything that looked like an entree, thought it wasn't much food. Sigh. I thought the lack of an entree like thing was a feature... I wasn't being guilted into eating more than I needed.

Warren and I went to the Maritime Museum before the wedding, since we had a morning to fill. There was a Russian diesal submarine there, which was nifty to look at it. Its a Foxtrot class sub, for the benefit of the one person who reads this and is likely to know what that means. We also saw a sailing ship called the Star of India there, plus the ship that was used in Master and Commander. I must be getting jaded about sailing ships after too many visits to the Constitution -- I thought the sub was the most interesting. It also made for nice sibling-wedding symetry; when Warren's brother George got married two years ago we saw the Intrepid and the Growler (US sub) the day before.

The wedding itself was nice, though it was hot and sunny and the ceremony was outside. It was short, and being in the wedding party I was fortunate to spend most of it facing away from the sun. Margaret looked wonderful, of course. The reception afterwords was nice. The DJ wasn't so good, but its impossible to get a good DJ for a wedding without prevailing on a friend to do it. The food was again good, and non-entree stuff. I filled up on shrimp coctail, so I was happy. My dress looked good, but it wasn't staying up well for the dancing... I should have brought my body glue. Margaret spent nearly the entire reception dancing, of course. I was asked to give a toast, which was cool. I love talking in front of people.

On Friday Warren and I were going to go to the San Diego Zoo, which is supposed to be really good. This plan mutated based on a couple of recommendations and we ended up going to the associated Wildlife Park instead. That was a day well spent. Then Friday night there was a big party on the beach with all the family that came for the wedding, both on our side and John's side. We burned things on the beach. I discoverd that Warren toasts marshmellows the same way I do, by setting them on fire. My various cousins also had fun with the fire. The engineering genes definately came from my maternal grandfather.

Anyway, a good time was had by all. More importantly, Margaret is now married to John. He's a nice guy.
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