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Positive Thinking and Thinking Postive

I hereby declare that I feel good about this cycle. This is a good cycle. I am going to get pregnant this cycle. I'm going to quit worrying about jinxing myself by getting my hopes up. I expect to get pregnant this time around. A little over a week from now I will pee on a stick and I will see two lines. We had good timing this month, I was on Clomid, and I even think I may have ovulated twice. At least there was serious twingyness coming from the left side on two seperate occasions. There is no reason to believe that it couldn't happen this month. Also, having a baby at the end of May next year will be cool. Being pregnant at Margaret's wedding (just over three weeks away!) will also be cool, and I won't even be stealing her thunder since at this point everyone wants me to get preggers as badly as I do. So, this time for sure, dammit!
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