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POAS burnout

I'm getting tired of watering tests. Getting the stick wet is generally not the major issue, but it was this past weekend. You see, you're supposed to use ovulation predictor kits in the afternoon, and on Sunday afternoon I was traveling back from my parents place, so I ended up using the kit at a rest stop. I'm not sure what went wrong, bucause my aim was fine, but the test ended up not working-- the control line didn't show up. That was my last test, and I didn't get around to getting more. They're a bit of a pain to use because you have to make sure that you've held it for long enough. Given the amounts of water I drink, that can be an issue.

I'm feeling a little burned out on the whole thing now. I want it to just work. This is my last month on clomid. I still need to make an appointment with the new specialist my doctor recommended, but I know that its almost certain to be either stronger drugs after this or straight to IUI. Of course we still don't know what the heck is wrong.

I'm getting tired of all this. It would be nice to not be a type-A personality. It would be nice to just sleep with my husband and then one day notice that I was feeling nauseous and my period was late. I'm just not built that way personality-wise. In fact, its getting to feel like anyone is being terribly naive if they think they can get pregnant just by doing it without birth control.
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