Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,


If you're not one of the Warcrack addicts, this probably won't interest you.

It looks like Blizzard is going to roll out the promised PVP-RP servers real soon now. They have a test one set up. Warren and I are planning of playing the twins there as soon as they come out. In a way it'll suck a bit for us. The twins are currently level 50, and it looks like there's no way we can make 60 before the new server comes out. We'll have to start them over again from scratch without the satisfaction of first having gotten characters to 60. Oh well.

I wondering if any of the rest of you are interested in the PVP-RP servers. We are because we feel it'll be a more believable (to us) RP environment, and the twins are all about staying in character. We still won't be able to kill or be killed by people of our own faction, but this is the best we're likely to get. If there's interest I'll let people know which PVP-RP server it is (assuming they give us more than one!).
Tags: warcrack
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