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My regular doctor is cool

I just had my annual physical with my regular doctor. I might as well name her for clarity, since this entry is friends locked and I generally only have positive things to say about her. Anyway, I finally got my appointment with Dr. Berger (about 2 months after I called), since it doesn't pay to skip physicals when you're trying (and failing!) to get pregnant.

She was pretty sympathetic about my problem with the specialist, and was only too happy to recommend someone else. So, I have a name, and all I need to do is pass it by Warren and the next appointment will be with the new specialist, who is advertised as being bright and on-the-ball, since that's what I requested. As additional information this is the person she sends people two if they need tubal surgery to save their tubes. That's not an issue for me if my HSG is to be believed, but its a good data point. He sounds like an attention to detail kind of guy, which could be good if the other guy was missing something obvious. We won't be going back to Dr. Dipshit.

Speaking of bright and on-the-ball, I found it refreshing that Dr. Berger knew I was on Clomid without being told, and realized that I had gained weight, as per her suggestion last winter. (I neglected to tell her about shedding it for Blackpool, but I did put it back on.) Its nice to know your doctor has actually looked at your records before seeing you, and remembers what she told you last time. I suppose it says something about my experience with other doctors that I find this level of competance a refreshing change.

Its this level of competance that makes me willing to follow up with her latest suggestions. Apparently stress management methods have been scientifically shown to give you a 10% better chance of conceiving (regardless of whether you're doing it in the bedroom or the lab), so I should look into that. Sigh. I know I'm a little ball of stress. I'm just not into the whole mind-body thing and relaxing is boring. Ah well. I suppose yoga classes at the gym won't hurt anything but my chances of getting my warcraft character to 60 before the PVP-RP realms come out.
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