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Margaret's Wedding Diet

Its way past time for a light, fluffy, upbeat post.

So, my sister Margaret is getting married on September 29th. Like most brides, Margaret is going to go on a diet so that she can look better on her special day. Of course, there's a twist. Margaret's wedding diet will feature ice cream, and lots of it.

I know I've mentioned in the past here that Margaret is a serious athlete. She came in 7th in the women's 20k race walk at the national championship this past summer. She's aiming for the top 5 next year, and has a serious reason to hope for making the US Olympic team for the 2008 games. The net result of all the physical conditioning that goes into this is that Margaret is quite thin. At 5'8" she wears at most a size 4, and often a smaller size depending on how things run. She's tall, thin and has far less body fat than most women.

Now, thin is beautiful in our society, but there are exceptions. In fact there are two exceptions and they're located on the ribcage. It seems that to be beautiful you should be thin, but you should still have huge... tracts of land. The absolutely riduculous expectation is that women should have as little body fat as Margaret does, yet still fill out a bra more like I do. This is impossible considering the darn things are nearly all body fat. Margaret isn't stupid enough to really want to go for this look, but the fact remains that she currently is not filling out the front of her wedding dress. She plans to do some serious padding to help with that, but she also wants to gain a few pounds before the wedding so that its not all padding. I just wish I could help her out by giving her some of my excess.

Note to self: Spend extra time at the gym from now until the wedding so as not to look like a total cow next to your little sister.
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