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The Joys of Clomid

I'm currently on cycle day 5 of cycle number 14 of trying to get pregnant, and boy does my head hurt. I'm now officially infertile, having been trying for a full calendar year without success. Its still unexplained, but that doesn't stop me getting treatment for it, i.e. throwing drugs at the problem.

I've been taking Clomid. For those of you actually reading this who don't consider Clomid to be a household name, its the most perscribed fertility drug out there. Typically you do exactly what I'm doing with it, take it for five days starting on day 3 of your cycle. I'm on a low dose of it because the specialist was worried that I might get headaches on it, given my history of migranes. Sure enough, I have a headache.

I was actually contemplating calling in sick today. I didn't. In the first place "I have a headache" sounds like a lame excuse to take a day off when told to someone who doesn't get migranes, and I didn't want to go with "Someone appears to be driving a screw through my left temple" since it would probably not come across as an accurate description of the headache in question, at least to someone who doesn't get migranes. (Its a times like this when I'm grateful that my husband does get migranes, it makes him a whole lot more sympathetic.) I still might have called in sick, except my boss is leaving for France tomorrow, and not being at work for final instructions seemed like a bad idea.

Buy anyway, I have a migrane. Given that birth control pills also give me migranes, I'm going to take this as a sign of things to come. The doctor will probably want to try something else next time around because of the migrane issue, but I have this bad feeling that anything he gives me will cause migranes. I think that getting my hormones mucked with is what causes them, and just about every fertility treatment in the book involves mucking with the woman's hormones. Heck, if any of this is successful I might have nine months worth of migranes to look forward to, seeing as how pregnancy plays havoc with your hormones. Of course there is the untimate prize to be had from all this, a nice healthy baby to keep me up all night and induce headaches in new and original ways.
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