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Return of the Inner Drill Seargent

It happened again.

I was up insanely late (for me) last night. I didn't get to bed until 1am. (My alarm goes off at 5:20.) Warren and I were playing Warcrack, of course, and I would have gone to bed at a more reasonable hour, but we were doing Blackfathoms Deep with this really competant paladin friend and there was no way I was quitting before Kelris was dead...

Um, right. So I went to bed last night at 1 am realising how badly I'd just messed up my sleep schedule. I thought to myself that I should skip the gym the next morning and get an extra hour of sleep to not be quite so hosed. My alarm went off at 5:20 as usual. I took my BBT and then set my alarm forward an hour so I could get the extra sleep. That's when the skip the gym plan broke down. I did get the extra hour of sleep, but it seemed that the entire extra hour was taken up by this bad dream of being late, and trying to work out in a drugstore that had treadmills at 9:15 in the morning, which is far too late to be excercising if I'm going to work afterwards, but I had to excercise.

So when my alarm went off again at 6:20 it was clear that there would be no hitting the snooze button. If I really hustled I could get my butt to the gym and still get to work by 8:30. Since I did have my gym bag packed this is exactly what I did.

I like having this inner drill seargent, I mean its all that standing between me and lardasshood, but its still kind of vaguely weird. Still, weird in a positive way, though I feel like I'm not entirely in control of my actions here, so its a bit unsettling. Of course I'll take unsettling if it means I get to the gym reliably. If only I could get the inner drill seargent to deal with my inner cookie monster, I might actually lose some weight as opposed to just holding the line.
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