Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Still Vampy

So my players were ultra-nice to me and all showed up at Edrick and Liosliath's place. There were home made cookies because firstfrost brought dough and Liosliath promptly put it in the oven. They came out exactly the way I like too, slightly burnt on the bottom, so I ended up defying doctor's advice and very slowly and carefully eating a couple of cookies.

Henri brought Cthullu card games, and we played one invovling race cars. (I forget the name.) I played the 'Chariot of the Elder Gods' and came in second. harrock won. Alas, I couldn't eat any of my points; sugar coated almonds can't be crumbled and softened in water the way cookies can. It was a fun way to get through the initial post-novacaine time.

I'm doing pretty well. There's a contant dull ache where the bottom two came out. Its not at all bad, but its been maintaing the same level of annoyance for the past two days. Warren's theory is that its the sutures that are being pesky and that it'll abate when they finally dissolve. I'm at work today, but I did take advantage and stay home yesterday. This was probably a good move as there was still a fair amount of bleeding yesterday. The constant trickle of blood down the back of my throat wasn't something I would have wanted to deal with at the office. Its finally tapered off to an ooze, but the taste is still there. I feel like a vampire with mild indigestion.
Tags: roleplaying games

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