Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

The meadow

Some days I really wish I could rent a sheep for an afternoon.

I did mow the lawn before we left for England, but when we came back it was nearly knee high. Part of that is that grass grows like crazy at this time of year, and part of it is that the push mower we have just doesn't cut it very short to begin with. I beat the main part into submission yesterday, but I still need to do the bit between the sidewalk and the road, and its not going to happen tonight. Once it gets that high its really hard to beat into submission with the push mower, hence the need to rent a sheep.

In happier news from the yard the columbine is blooming. A few of the white bleeding hearts still have flowers too, but they're clearly finishing up. One of the self-sown columbine turns out to be white! This is cool because all the other self-sowers seem to be purple. Of course I'm not too picky about color when the things I like go and make new plants all on their own. I should get some more store-bought ones next year though. Columbine aren't long lived so there are some bare spots that need filling in, and I won't push my luck by expecting the self-sowers to come in exactly where I need them.
Tags: this witches garden

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