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A tale of two addictions

Tuesday night is gaming night. Traditionally I run Auria and Warren runs Laritoa: two runs one house. Also traditional is that my run ends before his, at which point I collapse in bed.

Last night Warren's players didn't show. As my players were leaving, my poor neglected husband came up to me, put his arm around me, and explained that he hadn't gotten any gaming at all that day, and could we please play Worlds of Warcraft for a little bit. There was nothing for it but to play. Because of the twins shtick he won't play his character without me, and he doesn't have any alts, much less the flock of them that I do, so the poor thing was in withdrawal. I know how bad that can be and I couldn't let him suffer. Besides, I hadn't gotten to play all day either.

Needless to say, this pushed my bedtime back considerably. When I finally did get to bed I decided that it would be OK if I slept in and skipped the gym in the morning. After all, playing Warcrack hadn't been my fault, I had to do it for the sake of my poor, deprived husband. (The fact that it was me who got him addicted in the first place was neatly glossed over by my tired mind.) Skipping the gym in favor of more sleep would be an excusable absense.

Thankfully my body was not buying such feeble excuses. At 6am I was awake, and my inner drill sergent was letting me know that I ought to be at the gym, not snuggled up next to my sweetie. I hate being awake when I've decided that I can sleep in, but it was clear I wasn't going to be getting any good dozing in, so up and off to the gym it was. Its interesting to see that there are things in my life that are just as addictive as computer games.
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