Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

Oh look, the world hasn't ended

Gay marriage has been legal in Massachusetts for a year now. Coincidentally, my 5th wedding anniversary is this Saturday. A year ago there was much squawking by opponents of gay marriage about how letting non-heteros marry would be a disaster for traditional marriage. Well, last I checked I was still happily married to my husband.

I never have understood what people have against gay folks. I just don't get it. Why should we care? I mean if you're not interested in having a relationship with the person in question you really have no reason to be concerned about whether they prefer males or females. If you are interested and it turns out that you're not their type, that should be the end of it. I know some people have religious objections, but if you think its wrong for religious reasons you don't get to impose that on other people given that we don't have a state religion. (Of course some people are in denial about the whole no-state-religion thing, but that's another can of worms.)

I find the opposition to gay marriage terribly ironic. When I was in my early teens a friend of my father said something negative about gay men. I wanted to know why he thought that gays were bad, because I was actually pretty surprised by the view. He came up with a few steroetypes, but his major complaint was that gays were promiscuous. (Said man later had an extramarital affair that involved getting his girlfriend pregnant and ended in a divorse from his wife. Pot, meet kettle.) The complaint about gay men sleeping around did seem to be the major complaint of others too, at least the one that got air time. Now, when same sex couples want to make a long term legal commitment to a partner these same people are complaining. I'm just not following the logic here.

Now, a year after it became legal in this state the sky has completely failed to fall as far as I can see. I'm still married, my married friends are all still married, and other hetero couples have become married in the past year. I'm totally failing to see how letting two men or two women who love each other get legally married has harmed "traditional" marriage.
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