Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

The Warcraft Diet Plan

I gained a bunch of weight this winter after my doctor told me too, and now that I think she's wrong about that I'm madly trying to take it off before Blackpool, which is just two weeks away! AAAAhhh!

Tricky as it was to put the weight on, now that I'm trying to dump it, its being predictably difficult to take off. My latest trick to do this is the Warcraft Diet. The Warcraft Diet is pretty easy to follow. When you get home from work you start playing Warcraft and you don't stop until you're ready to fall on your face, thus completely bypassing dinner. I do have a bite or two of something right before I go to sleep, like say 25% of a bananna so that my growling stomach doesn't keep me awake. At $15 a month its probably cheaper than weight watchers, not to mention more fun.
Tags: the gym, warcrack

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