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Double the Fun

Saturday was the day when Warren caved in and finally set up a Worlds of Warcraft account. Actually, its pretty impressive how long he held out.

I have too many alts in Warcrack, but now I have a new one, because the only thing for it really was to create a new character specifically to play with him. In the past we've had mixed results playing games together. We played Warcraft II cooperatively against the computer and had a good time, and we had an OK time playing the original Diablo together. He could never get into Diablo II and I never really got into Lineage. We played Clanlord together a bit, but there were some issues there due to game design and the nature of the community. I'd been a while since we've played computer games together and our most recent experience hadn't been positive. On the other hand, I remember really enjoying playing with him before so I knew it could work, and I wanted to try it again.

We ended up creating two hunters. He's been watching me play for quite some time now, and his favorite character of mine is Moraga, my dwarven hunter. What he really wanted to play would be a hunter with stealth abilities instead of a pet, but that's not an option. He talked me into both of us playing hunters after seeing Moraga team up with another hunter in the Charred Vale. (Two hunters with pets makes for a fast killing combination if played well.) I knew we'd want to be the same race so that we would start in the same area. Warren ended up choosing to be a Night Elf. What he really wanted to play was a female human hunter since female humans have the best art work, but humans can't be hunters. I'd suggested that our characters be sisters. I knew he was going to play a female since all the male characters in Warcrack look like they've been shooting steroids. After a little reluctance (Warren likes pretty strict roleplaying, but not backstories) he agreed to go along with that, and came up on the absolutely brilliant addition to the plan: twins.

I let Warren pick how the characters would look, with the plan being that they would look exactly the same. I've already made three night elves so I felt he should get a turn and picking out features and Warren has great taste. We went with the dark blue hair, the most popular hair style, and the most blue of the skin tones. We look great. Warren even picked out similar names for us; they're from Tolkien and have similar spellings but very different meanings. :) I'm really psyched with the whole set-up; part of what I love about Warren is he comes up with really cool things like this.

Gameplay was really good. We didn't have much time to play on Saturday and only did a couple of the newbie quests. Even so, one person did come up and ask if we were twins. We got a few hours of play in on Sunday, and it was grand. We're now about halfway through the Teldrassil quests. The quests are a lot more fun to do with someone else. Combat is also certainly easier in a group. We're still too low level to have pets, but as dual hunters we can kind of act as each other's pet. We've worked out a strategy where we stand a certain distance appart before shooting at something. The critter will then charge one of us. That person then melees the critter while the other person fills it full of arrows. This strategy is pretty key because hunters are no good at melee.

Of course one of the other great things was encountering other people. The twins shtick was great for figuring out who was paying attention and interested in being at all in character and who wasn't. I should be clear that we're not exactly being subtle about it. Not only do we have identical avatars and play the same character class, but we actually take a fair bit of care to use exactly the same equipment, so we're dressed exactly alike as well. Given that we're usually standing right next to each other it shouldn't be hard to miss. Even so, one guy asked my character a question while Warren's character (standing next to mine) was buying supplies, and I mentioned my twin. He then confessed to not having noticed. On the other hand, several people have said stuff to us that makes it clear that they've noticed. In fact, we were a little seperated in Darnassus once and someone asked me where my twin was. That was cool. :)
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