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Miss Calico Sighting

Miss Calico was on the roof of the garage behind out house last night. All is well with the world.

Miss Calico is mostly white with a grey back, grey and white facem and a tiny amount of orange marking. She is absolutely gorgeous, and she graces my garden with her presence from time to time. I have no idea what the people she lives with call her, but I call her Miss Calico. I also have no idea which house she lives in, but in must be nearby.

I do worry about Miss Calico, which is why seeing her for the first time in months is such a good thing. She's very good at crossing roads. I know because I see her very carefully look both ways, and then trot brisky across. Its just that Powderhouse Blvd is so very busy, and people drive way too fast on it. In fact the corner nearest is the site of frequent accidnents. I know that Miss Calico is superior to mere humans, but I still do worry a bit.
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