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New Plants!

My third garden update in as many days (yes, its the spring rush of garden mania), but this one involves a report of actual digging.

At lunchtime yesterday I went to a local daylily & hosta farm, R. Seawright and got myself some plants. The didn't yet have the hosta I wanted (Liberty), but I got Paul's Glory, and they'll call me when Liverty is in, probably in about two weeks. I also got three new daylilies, Carillon Bells, Don Stevens and Sandra Elizabeth.

The daylilies got planted when I got home. This place sells their hostas in pots, but like most daylily places they just dig up the daylilies and give them to you bare rooted. Going there in person has the advantage that they don't trim the foliage way back for shipping, since the assumntion is that you're going to put them straight back into the ground. Of course this means I had to put them straight back into the ground when I got home from work. This I did. It turns out that gardening is a pretty good activity for in between getting home and going on the pre-Auria grocery run as it lets me think about the game in a non stressful environment.

Other things to note about the garden. It seems I lost a huge chunk of irises over the winter. I'm not exactly sad about this because I still have some, they were multiplying too fast anyway, and I was holding a new daylily that needed a place to be planted when I made the discovery. Also, I uprooted some of the mint. I think after five years of letting the stuff run wild, the time has come to dig it up, put some of it in a container and compost the rest. When I planted the stuff five years ago it was useful for fighting the nasty weeds that had taken over the garden before I arrived on the scene, but now I have stuff to plant in that spot and I don't want it overrun with mint, even extra-nice chocolate mint.
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