Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

More on the garden

Well, yesterday's entry was wrong, the small bleeding hearts are blooming too, at least I noticed they were this morning. Hooray for bleeding hearts!

In other news the lilac bush is getting ready to bloom. It bloomed for the first time last year after not doing so for a the first few years after I planted it. Last year there was just one single cluster and one double cluster of blooms. This year there are seven clusters of blooms, some of which are actually double or triple clusters. I'm very psyched. I love lilacs and I was worried that I didn't have enough light and air circulation for them to do well in my garden. I might even be psyched enough to dig up the huge ugly bush and replace it with another lilac.

The daylilies are all up it seems, though I have not yet checked all the newest ones to make sure they all survived. Lightning Bug needs to be divided. I should do that real soon now, and give half to twe, since its a mini and would probably do well in a container garden.
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