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Kids Comp...

Yesterday was the second ever dance competition for Margaret and Duncan. (Their first was Yankee Classic last June.) I was surprised that they were actually dancing at 5pm instead of I-have-to-get-up-WHEN o'clock in the morning. I would have been more delighted about that had in not meant driving through the snowstorm both was. The way out was OK as the snow had just started, but the way back was bad enough to give my winter driving skills a workout.

In case it's not obvious from context, they are doing ballroom dancing. They are not dancing together. Margaret is enough taller than Duncan that it isn't very practical. Unfortunately this means Margaret doesn't have a proper partner, but it turns out that there is a category for kids that kind of like pro-am, but the non-judged partner isn't called a pro. I have mixed feelings about it, but barring a sudden influx of little boys the only other option would be for her not to compete, which would cause jealousy issues unless we kept Duncan from competing as well.

Duncan has had no issues getting a partner. The reality of his situation is that he is the only little boy his age at the studio. His very first day of class this fall a cute little girl came up to him and asked, "Will you be my partner?" This is how he has ended up competing with Lisa Perry's little girl, for those of you who remember notable Boston area dancers from the late 90s. Right now they have way more cute factor than competence, but they are having fun. They are also insanely cute off the dance floor.

Both kids said they enjoyed the competition, and they like playing with the medals. I'm a little unsure of just how much they really enjoy the dancing. On the other hand, I really want them to be doing some physical enrichment stuff, and since I hate team sports with a fiery burning hatred that leaves us with dance and martial arts, which is what the kids are currently doing. Hopefully none of the kids will decide that they absolutely must play soccer, or even worse baseball. I suppose if they asked for sports I would probably let them do sports, but I am happy they haven't expressed any interest.

Oh, and on a tangentially related note, Margaret has been doing junior after school chorus, which she clearly loves. Her singing has really gotten quite good, at least as far as I can tell.

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