Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

A boy and his frog

We have a workbook pages for cash program at out house. Margaret and Duncan have both been taking advantage of this and spending their cash on lego and other toys at Barnes and Noble every Saturday, but we didn't have any workbooks for Martin. The Saturday before last he found a Kermit the Frog beanie baby and dragged it around the store the entire time he was there, but since he didn't have any workbooks he didn't have the cash to pay for it and had to leave the store without it. What he did leave the store with was a workbook of his very own, which was a tracing workbook. Sure enough, he completed enough pages and earned enough money that this past Saturday he had enough for the Kermit the Frog. It's often hard to understand Martin; at 2 and a half his speech is not all that clear (but steadily improving). Actions speak louder than words with him, and he made a beeline for Kermit and kept it with him the whole trip. He got to leave the store with his frog this time and he's had it with him ever since. If he looses track of it there are cries of "My fog! My fog!"

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