Elizabeth (greyautumnrain) wrote,

There is still yarn

My posts about yarn projects seem to be down to about one a year. For a while there I was doing them every month, but my knitting & crocheting have gone down due to lack of time and my blogging has gone way way down. I shall update the state of the yarn, and perhaps it will become a thing again but don’t hold your breath.

The last time I posted about yarn I may have mentioned the color coded hats. They are getting worn now that the weather is appropriate.


You may notice that Margaret has a matching cowl, Duncan has a matching keyhole scarf and Martin has matching mittens. I’m beginning to think that when you have small children you should have a variety of options for the outerwear accessories. I think my next thing along these lines will be making sure that everyone has a back-up pair of mittens.

I have fallen in love with a pattern called Rhymes with Shawl. Of course I modified it, because that it what knitters do. Here’s the version I made for Duncan:


I’m currently so taken with it that I have devolved into the insanity of knitting holiday gifts, namely two more of these for my sister’s boys. I’m halfway through the first and making good progress. I normally try not to do this to myself, but I haven’t knit for her boys in a while. For a while she had told me not to because her shared nanny had a tendency to lose all her favorite pieces of clothing for the boys. That’s no longer an issue now so I’d really like to make up for lost time. I’m planning on making them semi-matching versions.


I’ve done a number of other things, but those are the highlights for now. Come January I really need to make myself a hat. My brown felt hat is so misshapen at this point that I don’t want to wear it, and something that keeps my ears warm would be welcome.

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