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One year in a month

So Blackpool is in a month, and that means that after its over, I'll have been trying to get pregnant for a year, since we started after Blackpool last year. Sigh. I thought I'd at least be pregnant by now.

The big news is that I have an appointment set up with a fertility specialist for after Blackpool this year. June 9th is the big date, barring rescheduling. For the record, the story thus far is that my hormones and tubes have checked out fine, as have Warren's swimmers. The RN in the OB/GYN practice at the Somerville Harvard-Vanguard keeps being so upbeat that I feel like strangling her. It is not reassuring, on the contrary, it makes me suspicious. I much preffered my PCP who noted the same thing that I did, my temperature was all over the place after ovulation, and she was the one who had to push the RN into checking my progesterone. Sigh. Apparently thats "fine" though.

I guess the plan is to attempt to relax for now. I should be entering my fertile phase around Beltane, so who knows, maybe this month will be the month. If not I imagine that I'll spend the summer having IUI and the failing that IVF in the fall. What I really want is answers, though, because I'm sick of being told how healthy I am. If I were so darn healthy I'd be preggers by now, especially since I have been charting (and ovulating) the entire time.
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