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Time passes

Martin turned two on Friday. He still seems like a baby to me, but possibly that is part wishful thinking and part contrast between him and his elder siblings.

One thing that has been going through my mind is that by the time Margaret was two I already had a new baby, and that by the time Duncan was two I'd already miscarried a pregnancy and was pregnant with Martin. We have no plans to have another child, but I have been getting tiny baby cravings lately every time I see small babies out and about. I love babies, especially my own. Margaret has also been asking rather pointedly for a younger sister. She is so sad she does not have a little sister. I am sad too, and would like nothing better than to produce a new baby sister for her, but there are practical considerations. There is also the fact that I will be 44 in two and a half weeks. Even if I won the lottery next week, my chances of being able to have another child are rapidly diminishing, not that they were good in the first place.

I am learning to appreciate the joys of older children. I leave the house without a stroller more and more often. The kids can entertain themselves for short stretches of time now. I can usually reason with the older kids if they are not too tired or too hungry. No one has thrown up on me in months. Babies are cute, but bigger kids can be awesome.

Enough about me, let me discuss the awesome kids.

Martin is currently obsessed with cars. Car! As far as I can tell right now a car is any motorized transport, including cars, trucks airplanes and motorcycles. Cars are awesome! I had been worried a few months ago that Martin just wasn't talking at all other than to say car and go, but he has had a bilingual language explosion. He clearly understands both English and Chinese reasonably well, and he is using new words in both nearly every day. If he's quiet it really is that it's hard to get a word in edgewise in this house.

Duncan continues to hone his fencing skills. I may need to ask friends in the SCA where I can sign a four year old up for mini knight school. I should state that he is very good at following my safety rules and will not hurt his siblings, except when truly provoked. (Did I mention that Martin bites?) Duncan is also obsessed with LEGO, especially his castle and dragon set. He and Margaret regularly play together with LEGO, though keeping the chocking hazard pieces away from Martin is a tactical problem.

Margaret is really looking forward to starting first grade. I think she is looking forward to seeing her friends again, especially Nora. I have no idea whether she and Nora will be in the same class again this year. I hope so as I especially like Nora. I am pretty sure that Nora was the source of Margaret's Frozen fixation, but that's fine as it's actually a really good movie. I'm hoping that Margaret has a good year this year. The first half of Kindergarten was really rough, which I think is down to the person they had filling in when the regular teacher was out of maternity leave. Once the normal teacher returned things improved really fast. I was so relieved when I got the mailing from the school and found out that Margaret was in the first grade class with the veteran teacher this year instead of with the brand new hire. Right now Margaret is at a place where she really needs someone older and more experienced more than she needs someone fresh and enthusiastic.

I have a lot more I could say, but if I try to say it all I will never post, so that's a reasonable summary for now.

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